The doctor may allow her to return to work next week.

I'm not particularly worried.

They hugged her.

I've certainly learned a lot.

She wants to take her anger out on someone.

I looked him in the eyes.

Blayne is just an insecure control freak.

I should've told them earlier.

He's a former student of mine.

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A three-room apartment suits our family nicely.

She seemed to have it all.

It's a nice place, but I wouldn't live there.

There are plenty of bridges in Himeji.

I never imagined he'd do that to me.

They came in one after another.

Ramadoss hasn't won anything yet.

We don't want them to leave.

The truth is that I didn't want to eat with Cynthia.


Facts are to the scientist what words are to the poet.

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The window is still broken.

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We're all very proud of Mariou.


Yesterday my sister went to Kobe.


He's going to show them the documents.

The car is too expensive for me to buy.

He crossed the Pacific Ocean in thirty days.

This child has been adopted.

He explained that he knew nothing about the matter.


My car is parked down the street.


Let's go shopping!

We go to the market.

Did you listen to the MP3 file I sent you?

So you decided to come after all.

Oskar got down on his knees in front of everyone in the restaurant, pulled a diamond ring out of his pocket and proposed to Jeany, to the applause of all present.

Thanks to them, I will have no problem.

I lost this oblong Japanese brazier in an earthquake.


Jitendra is stable.

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Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

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I'm not feeling very hungry right now.

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Since her husband's death, she has been living alone.


How should he be addressed, "citizen" or "comrade?"

Mr. Kato teaches us English.

I left it on the table.


She seemed to enjoy it.

The summer vacation has come to an end, and we will have to go back to school.

We had been waiting since morning, but he didn't come after all.

I don't think your name's Tarmi.

Would you mind giving me a hand moving this table?

They asked for my help.

You're never going to find another man as good as Damon.


What's this key for?

I will answer within three days.

She drew back in horror at the sight.


Is this jumper machine washable?


I looked in the direction of the window, but didn't see anything.

May I see your invitation please?

I did it just now.

Mat told Peter that he couldn't live without her.

Pamela probably won't do what we want him to do.

Most people consider murder wrong.

You'd better read this.

Daren is scheduled to come to Boston next week.

Will you make an appointment with Mr Ito?


Everett didn't know that Scot understood French.

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I can't believe that Kit has children.

Gekkyoku is the leading company in the parking business in Japan.

He opened up his heart to her.

You must speak clearly in company.

Chinese and Italian are the most beautiful languages in the world.

Elliot's squirrel is not shy at all. He even stole nuts from right under my nose!

I bought her a toy cat, but she wasn't happy with it.

We're going to the movie theater.

There's a fence around my house.

He had never kissed a guy before.

The full moon is beautiful.

It's very abused.

Esperanto is an 'informal', constructed language.


Don't have me on!

He always takes the lead when we play dominoes.

He looks very sleepy.


She smoothly and elegantly poured the water into the glass.

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How's your kid doing?

As a matter of fact, his lecture was boring.

I put down a rug under my desk.

Are you certain you've made the right decision?

How are you going to manage?

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I bet I get there before you.

Are you going to Kusum's bachelor party?

I'd better ask Clifford.

Beijing is changing with great speed.

Kees is just jealous that we're having so much fun.


I went to swim in the river yesterday.

I have never seen such a beautiful girl.

He is an extremely frank person.

Clayton said I had no sense of humor.

I won't be able to do anything for Todd.

Words cannot describe the beauty.

Sooner or later his luck will run out.

Did you speak?

Let me see what we can do.

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I'll do my homework today.


Is there a pen on the desk?


That everything is good... is good.


We aren't done yet.

I've got a ton of work to do.

So what is it going to be?


What am I missing?


I want a distraction.

Free Admission.

Today I'm staying at home.

I wanted the musician to play some sad tune on his flute.

I wish I'd never met you.


Don't work yourself too hard.

I don't have a reason to live.

It will be fine this afternoon.


Are you sure Jin is dead?

Lanny has never been in a serious relationship.

Look alive.


I want him beaten up.

That's just what we wanted.

I love books.

How long is that story?

Turkeer is brushing her horse.


The mountain used to send out clouds of smoke.

They finally consented to our suggestion.

Explain to him the difficult situation you are in.

Fay got a job as assistant manager.

If it were up to us, we'd say no.

The table was covered with paper.

For months, he did almost nothing.

Brooke is really hard to get along with.

I will buy this bicycle at all cost. Money is no object.

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Are you nearsighted?


I caught sight of the boy escaping from the classroom.


You can wait outside.


Shyam didn't really mean that, did he?


I didn't ask you to come with us.

Tovah would never talk about it.

Tuscany is one of my favorite regions.

He opened up his heart to her.

What if he says no?


Would you like big bills or small bills?

Did he draw this picture by himself?

Lakshadweep is a union territory of India.

I want to be a swimmer.

He's standing on his head.


Kris went over to your house.

It's your bedtime.

He lost his son in the traffic accident.

Alan was saddened by the tragedy.

Are you ready to do that?

"Are you students?" "Yes, we are."

The girl goes to school.


I didn't lie to them.

It was your grandfather's.

No one should force his views on others.


The blue roses are very beautiful.